Potential Kamiq buyer, but few questions

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Potential Kamiq buyer, but few questions

Post by FireBIade » Mon Aug 24, 2020 6:36 pm

Hi all Skoda n00b here. Been in Honda's mainly for the last 15 years.

I'm thinking of buying a Kamiq 1.5 Auto (MC trim) but I'm slightly confused with options.

What is the difference between Drive Mode Select and Sport Chassis Control with Drive Mode Select for Towing? From what I have gathered the former is the button by the gear lever that brings up the Eco, Normal, Sport, individual options. The latter is a lowered car (10mm) and the button that gives an additional towing mode?

Also when is the best time to buy, are the best deals to be had in Sep historically?

Any must have options?

We don't get cold enough for heated seats, steering wheel, windscreen washer in the south of the UK but was thinking
  • Electrically Operated Boot Door
    Parking Sensors - Front and Rear
    Skoda Sound System
    Adaptive Cruise Control
    Rear Centre Armrest
    Variable Boot Floor
    Rear View Camera
    Temporary Spare Wheel
    Driver mode select or Sport Chassis with Driver Mode Select

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Re: Potential Kamiq buyer, but few questions

Post by NeilW » Mon Aug 24, 2020 8:57 pm

My dad's got a few of those items:
Reversing camera: he likes it. I have one on an Ateca and think it's great.
Temporary spare wheel: very me a peace of mind item.
Electric boot: he likes it but as with all electric boots it's not particularly quick.

I know he's got rear parking sensors bit not sure on the front. Work well with the camera and screen.

Drive modes: The DSG has drive and sport modes anyway, my dad didn't have it as he bought straight out of the showroom. He had considered the option but the dealer said most people just leave it in normal. On the Ateca it's in normal 99% of the time and sport gets used for pulling out into busy roads.

Can't really talk to any of the other items in your list.
Currently drive a SEAT Ateca 1.4.
On order 2021 1.5 SEL manual with reversing camera and Simply Clever pack in quartz grey.
My dad has a Kamiq 1.5 DSG in Titan Blue.

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Re: Potential Kamiq buyer, but few questions

Post by richardrx4 » Tue Aug 25, 2020 11:46 am

I bought a Kamiq SE 1.0 6-spd petrol which I ordered and was built just before Covid, but only delivered in June. So lesser spec than yours but I did add many of the options you mention. I got a good price via Carwow then used that when visiting and ordering my car at my local dealer, seemed to work well. As for options... electric boot works well, just doesn't close from keyfob; rear armrest useful and adds comfort; variable boot floor the best option as gives extra space for "stuff" under the boot and gives a level load area to the folded seats; rear view camera indispensable; proper spare wheel much better than gunk canister. One other item - an RGM rear bumper protector costs around £50-60 to protect the paintwork on what is a rather vulnerable rear bumper.

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Re: Potential Kamiq buyer, but few questions

Post by Lofty » Wed Aug 26, 2020 3:38 am

I ordered my car Dec 31st for March 1st delivery. Prior retirement I was a fleet engineer of a large transport company inc many company cars so was used to discussing specifications with salesman. I tried both 1.5 & 1.0 (115bhp) engine. 1.0L engine more than adequate & felt the increase price for bigger engine was extortionate. Had to be the DSG auto box (had the Merc DCT box prior & will never go back to manual). Beauty of the DSG is it will select neutral when coasting so great for mpg.
Went for heated front screen, thoroughly recommended by sales team & anyone who’s experienced it (not able to test it yet)
Rear camera a must but not as good as my merc with guide lines moving in correlation to steering wheel. Spare wheel yes, for peace of mind a must. Electric tailgate yes, very convenient. Sunroof no, too expensive & can produce expensive repairs down the line. Rear sensors again a must (becoming a lazy bugger) did not have front sensors as had them on my previous car & was a nuisance in traffic. Adaptive cruise control fantastic but now retired so very low mileage & hardly ever use motorways now, go for this if high mileage pa. rear Arm rest, yes, extra comfort & gives feeling of upmarket car. I had sel model & chose ‘Virtual Cockpit’ ....if I was buying tomorrow would probably not bother,,,,far too complicated with salesman, technicians & Skoda customer service unable to answer queries. There is 3 different methods to switch off lanes assist WHY 3!!!. Disappointed to find door protectors not standard on sel & is a cost option. Folding wing mirrors again a must, use it manually a lot in narrow roads & it folds automatically when locking the car. Wanted dynamic indicators but sel has rear only, optional extra for front indicators, that did piss me off. Why rear but not front ???. Specified rear boot tray (not Matt) but tray on back order so gave me the Matt foc. Good option as hard rubber one side carpet fabric on reverse. Since retired had 3 new Hondas & 1 merc & would put my Skoda alongside these models no problem. Can’t think of anything else so enjoy 🤞🤞

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Re: Potential Kamiq buyer, but few questions

Post by Lofty » Wed Aug 26, 2020 3:54 am

Had reversing camera, can’t understand why not standard fit on ALL cars. I have a (professionally) fitted dash cam. Ought to be standard fit on all cars & a legal requirement. Nissan has a brilliant built in system. Will be mandatory (as in Russia) in years to come.

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