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Post by Bandicoot » Wed Jan 05, 2022 6:53 pm

Ordered a new Kamiq back in June 21 just had a message from main dealer saying it could be another 6 months before delivery ? A whole year to deliver a new car ? I know about the semiconductor shortage but come on it's taking the .... Surely.

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Post by Chiguy » Wed Jan 05, 2022 7:51 pm

Have read several similar posts on the forum concerning long delivery for new Kamiq's. I would be tempted to ask for my deposit back and then search for a Kamiq that has been either a "staff" car (as I did ) or demonstrator. Most main dealers seem to allocate a small number of cars for 6 months from new for this purpose , then sell them as "used" with low mileage (1000 mls or so) at considerable discounts. An added bonus is that if there are any "glitches" they come to light during the first 6 months, and are sorted before they are sold - good for their reputation !

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