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Post by Speug » Sun May 30, 2021 3:23 pm

Having recently swapped my Yeti for a Kamiq SEL , I encountered some Media issues. In the Yeti I had 17GB of music loaded on 32GB SD card which plugged into the Amundsen media console and I thought if I plugged the SD card into a SD card reader with a USB A output it would be easy after I ordered a USB-C plug converter to a USB A socket from Ebay - a mere £2 post free for a Samsung branded converter. Plugged in the SD card and the Media display told me "No playable media files" . So I then plugged an existing USB stick (in place of the SD card reader) which had a mixture of music and videos on it.
And bingo after a brief pause I had both music and video available on the display. Note the video display is only shown when stationary and it cuts out as soon as you start to move'. There is obviously something flakey about using SD cards with card reader - I don't know why

Because a normal USB stick is about 6 cm long I decided to buy a low profile stick and got a 32GB Sandisk Cruzer Fit USB 2.0 Flash Drive from Amazon at £8 with free postage. I copied my 17GB of music onto the Flash Drive, which is in FAT32 format and it works well . The low profile means that the combined height of the USB-C to USB-A conveter + the new Flash Drive is less than 3 cm above the level of the car USB-C socket and much less likely to be damaged.

I thought I now have most of what I wanted, but it appears that there is a smart analysis by the Media system of my existing folder/file structure which I created for the Yeti with a folder at the highest level, called "MUSIC FOR CAR", then folders for each Artist and within that folders for each album below that, and then the individual music files. Sometimes I had created high level folders with titles such as "VARIOUS GUITAR" and created individual aAtists below that.

In the Kamiq "My Media" system if Music is chosen it won't present a playing structure like the one described and insists on creating it own structure and offers choice by Artist, Album, Genre or Tracks . The nearest one I can find to my choice is using the Artists selection, but interesting things pop up with artist combinations shown.

However going back to the car "My Media" it offers a choice of Music, Video, Palylists and Sandisk Cruzer Fit and if I select Sandisk Cruzer Fit instead of Music, a menu is displayed of the original structure under MUSIC FOR CAR - a happy bunny and satisfaction restored !

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Post by Ragtag » Tue Jun 01, 2021 11:37 am

That's super.
Thank's for the info. I'll see if I can find a 'C' low profile flash drive, and do that.
I'm just streaming a playlist from my Tidal account via a cable at the moment, but this will allow me to play some of my more 'unusual' tracks from albums I have.

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Post by AndyB » Mon Jul 04, 2022 9:21 am

I got a 90° usb-c adaptor so the memory stick sits low and tidily out of the way. About £3 on the usual Internet auction site!

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