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Post by hanlau » Thu Apr 28, 2022 8:09 pm

Hello all,

I wonder if anyone else has had to top up their oil (I had message on dash appear - 10 months old, 9000 miles - to top up oil) and was able to find out what oil Skoda recommend for the Kamiq (1.0 110 petrol)?

One Skoda source has told me 0w30 and another advised 5w30. Helpfully the manual doesn’t specify and says to contact a specialist.

I went to buy 0w30 from Halfords but couldn’t find one recommended for Skoda/VW’s so came away with a 5w30 recommended for VW and put a little in.

I’d like to know what the right oil is (the one Skoda would use on a service) before I put any more in, if anyone knows? The advice I have received is very conflicting :? TIA

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Post by Mrthal » Thu Apr 28, 2022 9:50 pm

Hi, I just got my kamiq Monte Carlo today, it's 6 months old, the sales man told me 0/20 oil it's a thin viscosity, 5/30 is a little bit thicker, but the thinner oil is better and will disapate heat quicker, it is also more expensive but you don't want to ruin your cars engine , most high performance cars use 0/20 oils, by the way I have 40 years experience in the motor trade, mainly with high performance cars, jaguar, landrover, lexus, Aston Martin, try Castrol website, put your registration number in, don't trust what Halfords tell you, they employ boy racers and I have heard the rubbish they talk when advising customers

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Post by marineboy » Fri Jul 01, 2022 2:50 pm

I too was trying to find out the correct grade of oil for my new Kamiq. The handbook says consult a service specialist. So I rang the parts department of the dealership I bought it from, the chap asked for my registration number, several keyboard clicks later he said 5W 30. Great I thought, until I lifted the bonnet to top up the washer fluid and saw the sticker on the front scuttle staring at me - “0W 20”. This is consistent with the Castrol website. So much for the service specialist.
Nick M
2022 Kamiq SEL Executive 1.5 DSG

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