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Post by Ragtag » Wed Jan 06, 2021 3:23 pm

My car was registered October 20 by Skoda. It has the Amundsen headset with all the updates now done.
I couldn't get the Skoda Lite app ( free on Android) to work at all, so found that some earlier cars need the VW/Skoda Dataplug.
It's a small white miltiplug about 4 cm long.

It fits into the read plug ( pinky purple plug under the driver side dash near your right knee. Low down) and then reads ALL data, and can connect to the app on your phone. Instructions are easy, and setup is just as good.
It really is very good, and it's a lot more user friendly than the Skoda Connect app.
I'm aware that SOME newer Kamiq's will not need the Dataplug, but it's well worth looking into.
Skoda sell them for £40 plus Vat... I purchased mine off Amazon for £14.99.
It took about ten minutes to set up, and the info it gives you on the app is great.




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